NI cRIO Service Modul M-816

Protect your cRIO controller and always keep an overview of the most important environmental parameters. Monitor temperature, air pressure, humidity and acceleration or position with the help of a single module.

The M-816 also has an OLED button with which freely customizable warning messages can be displayed graphically and acknowledged using the button.

Reception of the DCF77 time signal ensures that a system without a network connection can keep correct time.

  • Range: -40...+85 C°

  • Humidity
  • Range: 0...100% rel. humidity
  • Accuracy tolerance: ±3 % rel. humidity
  • Hysteresis: ±1% rel. humidity

  • Pressure
  • Range: 300...1100 hPa

  • Acceleration
  • Range: each Axis up to 16g
  • 13-bit resolution at + 16g

  • Time
  • Time signal receiver DCF77

  • OLED-Taster
  • 64 x 48 pixels - 65536 colors
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