CISWORKS A429 Custom Device

The CISWORKS A429 Custom Device is used to connect Sycos ARINC 429 cards in NI Realtime and NI VeriStand. The ARINC cards are available in different configurations (4TX-4RX, 8TX-8RX, 16TX-16RX, 32TX-32RX).

There are also various form factors (PCI, PCIE, cPCI). The configuration of up to 32 ARINC buses can be done directly in NI Veristand. Bus configurations can be exported as XML and imported into other NI VeriStand projects.
This series of Arinc 429 PCI interfaces offers the user fixed configurations:
  • Sy429PCI-RT44 (4Tx, 4Rx)
  • Sy429PCI-RT88 (8Tx, 8Rx)
  • Sy429PCI-RT24 (12Tx, 12Rx)
  • Sy429PCI-RT32 (16Tx, 16Rx)

  • Properties
  • Configured with 4, 12, 16 or 32 channels
  • At least 4 ARINC 429 transmission channels
  • At least 4 ARINC 429 reception channels
  • 1 k x 4 byte cyclic data buffer per channel
  • Individual channel speed selectable
  • Choice between odd, even or no parity
  • Internal loopback for test purposes
  • Interrupts for received ARINC 429 data