CISWORKS IIoT Link for Predix

Send your measurement data directly from the National Instruments system of your choice to GE's Predix cloud.

The system only requires an internet connection and access to the Predix cloud.

CISWORKS ILP offers easy and resource-saving integration of the Predix cloud's time series service into your own NI LabVIEW projects. The connection to the services of the Predix cloud is made via a secure and modern encrypted TLS connection./>

  • native and easy to use LabVIEW API
  • easy integration in LabVIEW projects
  • resource-saving and high-performance alternative
  • TLS connection via mbedTLS
  • available on all NI systems with Linux RT

  • Features:
  • UAA service login
  • time series service ingestion
  • optional server authentication via certificate pinning

  • Supported systems:
  • minimum LabVIEW 2016
  • Microsoft Windows 7-10
  • all NI CompactRIO systems with Linux RT
  • all NI System-on-Module systems with Linux RT
  • all NI PXI systems with Linux RT