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The CISWORKS ViPE editor is an abstraction layer for VeriStand real-time sequences. It uses a graphical representation of their standard syntax, which enables users without deep programming knowledge to create real-time sequences. The sequence is configured and represented as a block diagram and can be understood intuitively.
In addition to creating and editing sequences, ViPE can be used to execute sequences on any target capable of running the NI Veristand run-time engine. During run-time, the operator is able to observe which part of the sequence is currently running. ViPE also contains the ability to include and parametrize sub-sequences if they are created in NI VeriStand Stimulus Profile Editor.

ViPE has predefined blocks that execute various functions. These functions include different acquisition and reporting methods for measurement data and alarms, which can be configured to execute pre-defined actions if specified limit values are met. When these actions occur, the original test sequence can be paused or aborted. Additionally, the user has the possibility to store sequences as library blocks, add custom icons and use them in other sequences. Thus, the user is able to build custom libraries.

Measurement Functions

  • Measurements can be started programmatically within a real-time sequence
  • Parallel measurements possible
  • Cyclic measurements available (run every x minutes for y seconds)
  • Auto indexing of measurement data files
  • Measurements can be triggered or event based
  • Measurement functions are implemented in VeriStand Custom Devices
  • Stimulus Files

  • Playback of measurement data on the test rig
  • Playback of arbitrary sections in the measurement data file
  • Pause function in the stimulus file
  • Function to show and hide the playback
  • Interpolation of the measurement data to get correct frequency of the playback
  • Custom Device used for displaying measurement data
  • Limit Monitoring/ Alarms

  • Customizable trigger conditions
  • If a alarm is triggered, a user-defined alarm sequence will be executed
  • It is possible to define the primary sequence’s behavior during the execution of the alarm sequence (continue, pause or abort)
  • Signal Abstraction

  • Ability to limit VeriStand signal access
  • User has access only to relevant signals
  • Signal mapping is defined using a XML file
  • Main Benefits

  • Easy creation of real-time test sequences without in-depth knowledge of programming through a graphical editor
  • Simple configuration of important measurement functions and test data playback
  • VeriStand signals can be reduced to those relevant to the user
  • User-configurable reactions to alarms and events

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