Development of Control Loop Algorithms

CISWORKS can assist you in the development of appropriate algorithms for control loops used in your test rig or embedded control unit. CISWORKS has expertise in the development of linear and nonlinear control algorithms.

Our specialists can supplement your knowledge in the fields of hydraulic control (pressure, position, force, and speed), gas conditioning (pressure, temperature, flow, mixtures, and humidity) and electrical actuators (position, force, and speed). While standard control algorithms usually achieve suboptimal results, CISWORKS can help you to find precisely optimized algorithms, which fulfill the required accuracy and robustness of your application. Furthermore, CISWORKS provides a complete control unit for test rigs based on hardware components from National Instruments.

Example/ Client Application

CISWORKS provides one of its customers with algorithms for pressure and force closed-loop control for a test rig and also implements them in the corresponding software. They include both linear and non-linear control algorithms. The loop controller is characterized by robustness, which is evidenced by its ability to control different devices-under-test during varying test conditions.