Softwaretest und Code-Review

CISWORKS is happy to support you in quality assurance and improving your software. CISWORKS carries out independent code reviews and software tests for you, or supports you in carrying out the tests and reviews in-house. CISWORKS has specialists with excellent know-how in the field of embedded software development (C, C++, C#).

With this know-how, we can support you in improving the quality of your software. You can have an expert support you directly on site as part of your development team. Or you can outsource the software testing and code review work packages completely and concentrate on your development activities.

Example/customer application

For a customer in the dishwashing technology sector, CISWORKS carried out a code review of its embedded machine control system to ensure the stability and functional reliability of the machines under a wide range of working conditions. This meant that the customer could concentrate on the further development of its control system while the quality assurance reviews were carried out by CISWORKS.

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CISWORKS is a reliable partner for your developments. You will receive support and in-depth know-how in software development and project management. This support is provided by experts from various areas of software development.

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