LabVIEW FPGA Programming

CISWORKS supports you in implementing your LabVIEW software on FPGA cards and cRIO systems from National Instruments. Due to many years of experience in LabVIEW FPGA programming, the experts at CISWORKS are familiar with many problems and requirements for FPGA software. This particularly includes the implementation of control algorithms and signal analysis functions as well as the implementation of FPGA-based simulation models.

CISWORKS offers you solutions for the evaluation and simulation of LVDT, RVDT, incremental encoders and resolvers, as well as the connection of the FPGA card to various sensor bus systems (SSI, Endat, SPI). You will continue to receive expert assistance in making the most of each FPGA board's limited resources and in identifying and resolving timing issues.

Example/customer application

CISWORKS created real-time and FPGA software with multiple lock-in amplifiers and data acquisition functionality for a customer. Each analog input was filtered before decimation and evaluated using a customer-specified algorithm. The measurement data Capture can be done on the host PC or directly on the real-time system. There is one for each measurement channel automatic calibration algorithm.

CISWORKS is an “NI Silver Partner”

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CISWORKS is at your side as a reliable partner in your developments. You receive support and in-depth know-how in software development and project management. This support is provided by experts from various areas of software development.

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