The CISWORKS-RCP can be used as a Rapid Control Prototyping System or as an OEM embedded controller for small to medium quantities. The CISWORKS RCP has four ports for peripheral modules to allow easy integration of project-specific I/O. Thus, a wide range of components can be connected, such as: A/D converters, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, relays, valves, or custom signal conditioning.

Users are able to save development time and mitigate risk, because it is noch required to develop a custom motherboard. Instead, they have access to a fully integrated middleware solution. This allows users to concentrate fully on application development and connectivity of specific I/O. The National Instruments System on Module (SOM), which runs the NI Linux Real-Time Operating System, acts as the board’s processor. Through this device, applications can be developed quickly and effectively using NI LabVIEW.
  • 4 Module slots for cost-effective and rapid development
  • Specific signal conditioning on custom hardware modules fulfill multiple application requirements
  • NI Linux Real-Time: powerful RTOS with the flexibility of Linux
  • Reconfigurable Controller ARM Cortex-A9
  • 2 cores (CPU frequency 667 MHz)
  • Non-volatile memory 512 MB
  • FPGA: Xilinx Zync-7000 XC7Z02

  • 4 module slots
  • 3M 929 Serie (929975-01-25-RK / 929665-09-25-I)

  • Interfaces
  • 1x Ethernet – RJ45
  • 1x USB
  • SDHC – SD Card
  • 3x RS232
  • 1x RS485
  • 2x CAN
  • SPI

  • Power supply per module
  • 24V @ 0,5A
  • 12V @ 0,1A
  • 5V @ 0,5A

  • Application Examples
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