CISWORKS supports you as a partner with many years of experience in the development of electronics. With this expertise, you will be able to complete the tasks you have done in a shorter time and with higher quality.

Our Team have proven themselves in the development of a wide range of electronic components. Through CISWORKS you get know-how in the development of different hardware. These include various controllers, embedded systems and also FPGAs. Also the connection of communication interfaces like CAN, RS232, GPIB, Ethernet, Profinet, ARINC and Ethercat. You will receive support from CISWORKS in the design, the circuit diagram development and the creation of the layout. We also gladly take over the production and functional control for your electronics.

Example / Application

For one of our customers we developed an embedded board for the control of 60 valves. The board communicates with the machine control via CAN and receives the commands to open and close the valves. The valves are then energetically controlled by means of PWM and the correct valve function is monitored. The project uses an AT32UC3C microprocessor from Atmel.

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CISWORKS is a reliable partner for your developments. You receive support and in-depth know-how in software development and project management. This support is provided by experts from various areas of software development.

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