CISWORKS A629 Custom Device

The CISWORKS A629 Custom Device
is used to connect Sycos ARINC 629 cards in NI Realtime and NI VeriStand. The ARINC cards are available in different configurations. Both as a transmitter and full bus monitor. As well as a multi terminal emulator.

There are also various form factors (PCI, PCIE, cPCI). The ARINC 629 bus is configured in a simple manner using a configuration tool. Several ARINC 629 terminals can be connected directly to one another using the additional multi-current mode coupler card without a bus coupler.
ARINC 629 PCIe products from SYCOS
Sycos-Arinc-629 interfaces to PCIe were developed from the VMEbus product range. All Sycos ARINC-629 cards use approved terminal controllers (DATAC) and system interface modules (SIMs) and therefore fully comply with the basic protocol. Sycos ARINC-629 PCIe cards offer a modern card suite that continues to support Boeing 777 avionics test, development and flight simulation activities in a Windows, Linux or VxWorks environment. DLLs can be converted to VIs to support National Instruments' Labview software.

The multi-current-mode coupler device from Sycos offers a cost-effective alternative to using individual current-mode couplers and enables up to five stub lines per card. Arinc-629 terminals essentially communicate with one another via their System Interface Modules (SIMs) without a bus connection. Such communication is achieved without loss of message or protocol integrity and is ideal for test, development and simulation activities. The device draws its power from the PCIe bus and therefore does not require an external power supply.
The ARINC-629 PCIe products are now well established and used in many test, development and simulation activities around the world. In particular, the Sy629PCIe-BPTE card was selected by Boeing for the bus analyzer used in the new Boeing 777X development.

PCIe products that support the basic protocol:
  • Sy629PCIe-BPM Transmitter and Full Bus Monitor
  • Sy629PCIe-BPE Transmitter and Full Bus Monitor with Error Insert / Detect
  • Sy629PCIe-BPT Multi-Terminal Emulator (up to 120 terminals)
  • Sy629PCIe-BPTE Multi-Terminal Emulator (up to 120 terminals), with Error Insert / Detect
  • Sy629PCIe-M-CMC Multi-Current-Mode-Coupler (5 port)

  • All Sycos ARINC-629 PCIe interface cards are software compatible with compatible PMC cards in its portfolio.